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Welcome! I’m Heather Robinson

A friend recently said to me, “Heather, you have reinvented yourself more times than I can count! How do you do it?” I replied “I’m not sure! Life throws curveballs at me and I just keep swinging away, hoping to hit a home run, but knowing that sometimes I’ll miss. The secret is to keep playing!” Experience has taught me the art of helping others to discover and transform themselves on a journey of self-discovery and healing. I’m a teacher, a healer, a safe place, a leader, a creative dynamo, a storyteller, a confidante, and an intuitive, spiritual guide who is gifted at taking overwhelming life experiences and simplifying them into manageable chunks. I’ve done it for myself for over 52 years and if you’re ready, I will walk with you too. Life is a trip! Let’s surrender to the experience, honor the lesson, and live a life that is rewarding, loving, and fun! 



Guided meditations help increase calmness, clarity, and facilitate healing

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doTERRA Essential Oils Education:

  • Medicine Cabinet Makeover
  • Oils for Pregnancy
  • Birth & Beyond
  • Emotions & Essential Oils
  • Healing Oils of the Bible

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  • Tweens Summer Series Art Classes
  • Empath Class: Enhance Your Intuition
  • Self-Love Workshop
  • Art Therapy Workshop
  • Crystal Show & Tell
  • Angels 101: How to Hear Your Angels
  • How to Use Crystals Everyday
  • How to Clear & Protect Your Energy
  • How to Meet Your Spirit Animal
  • Retreats
  • Guest Events
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Success Stories

Reiki Training:

My favorite part of my Reiki class was learning the history of Reiki. Heather is so good at explaining it, and made it so easy to understand and follow. Heather is an amazing soul, her space at Healing Arts made me feel so comfortable and the Reiki class was very enlightening. I enjoyed my practice with her, all the knowledge she shares is detailed, easy to understand and valuable. She is very creative, smart, kind and open minded. Definitely recommended to anyone who is ready to start their spiritual journey or needs an accountable partner during this process!” — Valeria Torres, Reiki 1 & 2 Student

Soul Path Reading:

“Heather shared my astrology chart with me with such enthusiasm that I could only be excited about what was in it. She showed me how my chart explained my life choices and how it could help me understand my path ahead. I now feel that I had a clear picture of who I am. Heather is magical!” - LeeAnn Meredith

Life Coaching:

“The transformation that Heather Robinson can help bring about in your life is truly priceless. She is a highly gifted, intuitive healer and coach who knows how to push you to your next level of joy and fulfillment from the inside out!

When I came to Heather, I was at a crossroads with pretty much every aspect of life: my living situation, business, career, interpersonal relationships. With the help of Heather's brilliant, divinely led guidance and intuition, she sparked me to new levels of courage and bold, liberating action.


Today, I can truly say that I am imperfectly, but joyfully, living my best life now: financially, spiritually, and personally. And the best is yet to come! My life has been transformed because of Heather's loving, generous support and mentorship. Cannot recommend her work highly enough!” Meredith Newlin

Reiki Training:

What I liked best was how intimate our class was. Heather provided personal care and attention to us. I had the best experience with Heather Robinson in the Reiki I&II class! Heather was absolutely amazing. Her teaching is definitely an art and a gift, she shared a wealth of knowledge and great training materials. I really appreciate that she still is following up and continues to share with us. Thank you Heather! I look forward to more learning experiences with you.” — Tamara Howze, Reiki 1 & 2 Student

Life Coaching:

Heather was instrumental in helping our family friend navigate a difficult situation, giving her the tools she needed to set important boundaries and continue on her journey as an amazing teenager. We can't thank Heather enough for all the wonderful healing help. We saw her completely turn around within two months. From depressed and stuck to empowered and bold.” - Megen M.

Reiki Mentorship:

“I appreciate Heather's ability to gently guide me through my journey and guide me to relaxation when becoming overwhelmed. She is skilled in multiple modalities for differing clients to help them on their own journey.” - Jordan Maxwell

Reiki Healing:

"I learned of Heather during a support group call for cancer survivors [PinkRibbonGirls.org]. During the call she shared information about her services; however, what I heard from her is the passion she has to help heal. As a result I scheduled a Reiki session with Heather.  I was able to have a distant Reiki session and was very much pleased.  Heather is very easy to speak to, in fact I felt such a connection with her.  She lovingly shared with me how I need to speak my truth with love as holding it in was affecting my body in physical manifestations.  She also suggested some other things to help support my healing to balance/ground me.  You owe it to yourself to be your best self - and Heather can help you on that journey." -  Star C.

Reiki Healing:

​"I met Heather about 8 years ago, I could sense right away that she was a beacon of light! Heather is such a great teacher and practitioner in the Healing Arts!  Through the years I have had the opportunity to take some of her classes and to take classes together with her. Her teaching style is light, fun and very informative;  you can’t help but enjoy the process! Due to the Covid Pandemic and social distancing, I recently have been receiving distance Reiki and LOVING it! Heather is so incredibly intuitive and gives such great visuals and feedback from her sessions.  Geography has no bearing when it comes to distance work and Heather definitely thrives in it. So whether you have some healing to do or just need some stress relief from our global situation you will benefit greatly and really enjoy Heather, I know I do!" - Robin Berning, Blissful Healing Spiritual Life Coach

Reiki Healing:

"I first heard of Heather and her Reiki practices through a mutual friend of ours, and was thrilled to get to meet her virtually during a Pink Ribbon Girls zoom event.  I was impressed with her knowledge and willingness to help people.  I had been having lower back issues and thought “why not”….I’ve been really wanting to try it!  Communicating with Heather and setting up a time was easy!  After a brief phone conversation (myself in Tennessee and Heather in the Carolina’s), she asked me to relax and she would get to work.  I can’t even begin to explain the wave of a “tingling sensation” I felt!  After 30 minutes Heather called with a follow up and what she discovered.  I love that she not only diminished my lower back pain but also identified the Lion as my spirit animal, and also gave me an affirmation to say ....”Trust the process of life.”  This has truly opened my eyes to a unique way of healing and I will be calling her again!" - Heather W.

Reiki Training:

"It’s difficult to put into a few words the impact Heather’s Healing Arts has had on our community. She shared her thorough knowledge regarding Reiki, and provided careful insight into the powerful Reiki benefits in supporting recovery from chronic illness or during discovery of “new norms” entering into cancer survivorship. Heather was attentive to the differing individual needs expressed in our community and addressed them to tailor each attendee’s unique healing challenges and conditions. We cannot wait to have her back again to share more!" - Karen Ladina, PinkRibbonGirls.org

Past Life Regression:

Heather creates a beautiful, magical environment with her work! Her calming voice helps you easily meditate and she does a fantastic job at clarifying anything of concern during sessions. She’s an amazing teacher with great knowledge, and always creating opportunities to share that knowledge, and her services, with others. Definitely check her out if you’re in the area!” - Jordan Maxwell

Reiki Training:

"Heather has been a true lifesaver to me over the past several years. She has helped me learn how to heal myself by teaching me about various modalities, from simple tools like essential oils, to more complex concepts such as energy healing. She approaches each interaction with a servant’s heart and always has several recommendations to try, in order to get the desired results. When Heather guides, I always listen!" - Tina DuBois, Reiki 1 & 2 Student

Reiki Healing:

"I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from Heather’s Reiki by distance (remote) and in-person. She was quickly able to connect with me in both settings and focus her healing energy. The pain melted away and I felt results almost immediately! I highly recommend anyone seeking relief from pain or other physical discomforts schedule a Reiki session with her. Besides Reiki, Heather has amazing intuitive and spiritual gifts. She serves her clients with their best interests in mind and with the highest integrity. No matter what services you seek, she will always take time to explain what she is doing and how it will benefit you. Heather is very knowledgeable and quick to educate you on ways to grow spiritually and be the best version of yourself!" - Jim Chiperfield, Reiki 1 & 2 Student

Reiki Healing:

"Heather Robinson came into my life and changed it. My work with her will forever mark a turning point, a bridge between feeling lost and feeling purposeful and hopeful. She is a magician and a guardian angel. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" - Meredith Newlin, Author and Mentor at The Transformed Teacher

Energy Clearing:

"My dad recently gifted me his childhood desk from the 1940s! Once I got it home, spirits kept me awake for two nights in a row.  The desk had been stored in his basement for a while, so the spirits ended up following the desk home with me! I called Heather for advice, and she calmly gave me instructions on how to clear the energy of the desk, from how to apply the sea salt, to what to say, to next steps with smudging and beyond if necessary.  I am happy to say that the energy has been cleared, and our whole family, even our little pet, are all back to sleeping well at night. I am so grateful for you, Heather!" - Amy

Reiki Training:

"As a student in Heather's Reiki 1 & 2 Training, I found her so relatable and down-to-earth. Heather does a thorough, easy to follow and fantastic job of teaching Reiki to her students. We all walked away from her weekend class with a new set of skills and confidence to use them!"  - Lindy Sellers

Reiki Training:

“I really enjoyed hearing real life examples and the down to earth conversations and life experiences. Heather did a great job explaining Reiki and how to use it in everyday practice. She provided tips and techniques that I will use in my home and business.” - Amy Coleman, Reiki 1 & 2 Student

Reiki Healing:

“Heather was very nice, knowledgeable and welcoming. It was so easy to confide in her and then we jumped right in. I like the fact that she tells you what she will be doing before and during the session even afterwards we discussed everything further. If you’re looking for an amazing light worker she’s your lady for sure. I’ll be back!” - Megan Duff

Reiki Healing:

Heather was very down to earth and easy to relate to. She was very open minded to beliefs that were non-traditional, creating an environment that allows you to feel free. She was very generous with knowledge and very helpful. She is a wonderful tool of reiki. This was by far my most enjoyable reiki experience yet. Such a comfortable and free environment. Heather is down to earth and able to make you feel comfortable in her presence. She is very generous with knowledge and very helpful. Such a beautiful soul that the world has been gifted with. I could definitely feel energy moving. - Mary Johnson

Reiki Healing:

Amazed at her connection to my energy during the remote Reiki session. I had feelings that corresponded with your experience. Reading to follow was insightful and validating. - Mary Patrick Kavanaugh

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