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Reiki and Distance Reiki Energy Healing

  • $75 –  30 minutes, in person or distance Reiki  – BOOK NOW
  • $135 –  60 minutes,  in person or distance Reiki – BOOK NOW  

Reiki is an energy healing modality that already exists within each of us. Pronounced “RAY-key,” this spiritual, healing session provides you with balance, comfort, and energetic support for your mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is safe for everyone. 

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “Universal”, and Ki which is “life force energy”.  When we allow this beautiful, pure life force energy to flow through us, our bodies are able to participate in the healing process. Reiki assists our bodies in reducing stress which allows healing on many levels.

Chakra balancing: When you are stressed or sick, your body can become out of alignment and the body’s energy centers, or chakras, become off balance. Reiki helps to balance the chakras and restore your natural energy flow. This restorative treatment releases any stagnant energy that is weighing you down energetically and emotionally. When your chakras are out of balance, you are more likely to experience “dis-ease”…in one form or another. Reiki is a great source for whole body wellness. 

As your Reiki practitioner, Heather acts as a conduit for the flow of this restorative energy. She will be happy to discuss her techniques and methods with you before and during your session. An in-person session takes place in a quiet, private setting.  The client remains fully clothed as they relax comfortably on a massage table.

During a Distance Reiki session, you can experience the session like a meditation time. You will find a comfortable, quiet, peaceful place to relax. Heather will call you to discuss your session. When you disconnect, you will bring your attention to your breath and relax. Heather will send you Reiki and call you after your session.

Incredible Benefits of Reiki:

  • Restores balance to mind, body, and spirit
  • Increases sleep, relaxation, mental clarity, and productivity
  • Enhances communication
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Assists with life transitions and changes
  • Releases limiting beliefs and habits
  • Accelerates healing from injuries and surgeries
  • Reduces emotional and physical pain
  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Clears unhealthy attachments and releases trauma
  • Strengthens self-love and promotes Universal compassion/love
  • Increases sleep, relaxation, mental clarity, and productivity
  • Enhances communication
  • Helps one discover their purpose and life path
  • Restores health from physical illness and disease (autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, colds, flu, sinus infections, migraines, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, skin irritations, allergies, and more!

Heather’s Reiki Certifications Include:

    • Reiki I
    • Reiki II
    • Reiki III / ART Master
    • Usui/Holy Fire ®III
    • Usui/Holy Fire ®III Online upgrade
    • Karuna® Reiki Master